19 kids and counting jessa duggar ben seewald michelle duggar jim bob duggar jill duggar derick dillard tlc '19 Kids and Counting' Season 8, episode 10: Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar are reunited
It’s a big night tonight (May 27) on “19 Kids and Counting.” Derick returns (and gets to meet the entire Duggar family in person,) the dinner theater that they’ve been putting together for the last few months comes to fruition, and Michelle’s blood work results from the OBGYN come back.
First things first: The blood work shows that, while not impossible to have another baby, Michelle is pre-menopausal. She says that while they’d welcome another child, “conception is not totally impossible, but most unlikely.” It seems we’ll be staying at 19 Duggar children, fans.
But their family is still growing anyway … Derick’s time in Nepal is over and he’s home! The entire Duggar family, led by an overjoyed Jill, meet him at the airport. And, stand back, there was a blatant FRONT HUG involved. They got overly excited and HUGGED. Not the prescribed side hug hello. Full frontal hugging.
It was quite the scandal. 
Later that week, Michelle plans a special triple date with her daughters and their suitors, to go out for a nice grown-up dinner to get to know each other better, but with a twist: It’s food, yeah, but also an etiquette class. How to eat with what fork, and such. As Derick says, he’s been living in a country for two years where you usually eat with your hands. But they all had a nice time, and found out “it’s okay for your girlfriend to reach across the table and take a bit of your cheesecake,” according to Ben.
While Jessa and Ben are cute together, Jill and Derick together are downright gushy adorable. They’re giggly and LEANING ON each other. Is that allowed in Duggar Rules?
Finally, the dinner theater is on! They’ve been practicing and preparing all season. Jana, the stage manager and producer, gets everyone together (including Ben and Derick) and the stage is built, and dinner made. Michelle and Jim Bob are incredibly surprised, and everything goes off without a hitch (except for a steak that was a little overcooked, but hey, that’s actually like a real dinner theater.) Songs are sung, instruments played, skits presented, home movies shown, and poems read. And at one point, Ben and Derick put a little bet on who will make it to the engaged finish line first. 
Sorry, Ben. Derick won that.
Next week is the Season 8 finale, and it looks like we’ll see Derick’s proposal to Jill! They’re getting married at the end of June, so we’ll have to wait until next season to see their wedding on the show. We’ll make sure and cover whatever we can when details come out!
Posted by:Kiley Thompson