josh and anna duggar 19 kids and counting season 7b premiere tlc '19 Kids and Counting' Season 7b premiere: Josh Duggar goes to WashingtonFirst, let’s just answer the question: no, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar didn’t have any more kids during the break. But you just never know do you? TLC’s biggest family (by far) is back for Season 7b of what has grown to be “19 Kids and Counting.” But by the looks of them, these “kids” are growing up, and they’re growing up fast. One is leaving town, another is getting old enough to “court” (that’s not date, mind you) and we suspect, although we haven’t done the math, that this may just be the longest period of time the Duggars have been without a newborn, as baby Josie is almost four.

Josh Duggar took a job over the summer, which means that the son and heir, his wife Anna, and their now three kids, Mackynzie, Michael and brand new baby Marcus (yes, they seem to have claimed “M” as their initial of choice) are heading north to Washington D.C. They went house-shopping in the D.C. area, and as a someone from that area originally, it was fun to see them figure out the trade off between the commute time vs. the square footage needed. More space? Longer commute. Less space? Quick commute. With the help of the Duggar Moving Company, they get packed up and say goodbye to Arkansas. Duggar, the city mouse version begins.
After everyone hits the road to move Josh and Anna to D.C., Jim Bob decides to make a “quick stop” (description: Jim Bob’s) to visit the Bates, family friends who also have 19 kids, in Lake City, TN. Because gigantic families hang together without much stress. Josh was a little freaked out about stopping the rolling caravan, as he did have to report to work in a few days. The “quick stop” at the Bates’ house ended up taking up another full day, leaving Josh and Anna, who had gotten a jump on the rest of the drive, stranded without their moving truck in the suburbs of D.C. But at least they had a motor home to sleep in, in the driveway. With three kids under age 4.
Anna was the one who pointed out that Josh leaving the Duggar nest is a big deal – she was the one who moved to his hometown. Michelle and Jim Bob are understandably sad, but as Michelle says, this is what they’ve tried to prepare their kids to do. And they still have to do it 18 more times.

What did you think of tonight’s premiere? Are you more interested in Michelle and Jim Bob, or Josh and Anna?
Posted by:Kiley Thompson