19 kids and counting season 8 episode 4 erin bates chad paine tlc '19 Kids and Counting' Season 8, episode 4: Wedding bells for a Duggar family friend
We’re invited to a wedding on “19 Kids and Counting”! No, not for one of the Duggars. Don’t get excited. On Tuesday’s (April 15) episode, the Duggar family (and Ben and his mom) travel to Tennessee to attend the wedding of family friend Erin Bates to Chad Paine. It seems Season 8 of this show is all about courting and engagements (you did hear Jill was officially engaged now, right?) so it’s appropriate to witness yet another wedding this season.
With such huge families and guest lists, planning even a simple service and church reception is immense. We’re talking a thousand people. Erin’s dress is beautiful (altered specifically to add sleeves and more material, where most brides are looking for a strapless gown) and Ben and Jessa get a little tour of Erin and Chad’s tiny cottage, five miles from her parent’s house, which has the girliest cotton-candy pink master bedroom ever. Chad is a good man, even if he may end up with cavities sleeping in that room. 
The Duggars each get to spend good time with each of their groups of friends. The girls put together a gag wedding gift for Erin, who can’t cook well — a “kitchen preparedness kit” complete with fire extinguisher, take-out menus and gift cards. The guys are in charge of destroying the newlyweds getaway car, while Michelle, Ben’s mom, Chad’s mom, and Erin’s mom all discuss the finer points of marrying children off. So. Many. People. So. Much. Hair. Lots of girls, lots of hair.
Like the Duggars are planning, Erin and Chad didn’t kiss before their first kiss as husband and wife, and that big moment was sweet, and pretty in depth. That kiss meant business. Husband and wife business, sure, but it was no peck on the lips. 
Also, the closeness of these siblings is really quite touching. Jinger has mentioned how tentative she is about Jessa perhaps moving forward with marrying Ben, and seeing Erin’s sisters go through “losing” her to marriage was bittersweet, It gave the Duggar girls, especially Jinger, who is closest to Jessa, a moment of pause. Life moves on.
And can I just say, I want the Duggar laundry room/closet? Wow. As the official Duggar family packer, Jinger could work as a city planner.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson