19 kids and counting season 8 episode 5 anna duggar 2 tlc '19 Kids and Counting' Season 8, episode 5: Where there are Duggars, there are parties on 'Graduation and a Surprise'
Is there ever a time when the Duggar family isn’t celebrating something? With this many people, there’s always something going on. And tonight’s (April 22) “19 Kids and Counting” is no exception.
Josiah, the little joker, graduates from high school, and even though the family just got back from Erin Bates’ wedding, they pack back up again and head north to visit Josh and Anna for Thanksgiving. 
Josiah has finished high school, and being a social butterfly, he invited 400 people to his party. Over 300 people showed up. Most kids have a handful of family and maybe a few friends at their high school graduations there for just them. Duggar kids have hundreds! If there’s ever a reason for homeschooling, it’s the party. After graduation, Josiah is going to go to the Alert Academy, a Christian training and service organization, and then take some college courses. Congrats, Josiah. Keep playing those practical jokes on your family.
Also, Jill has friends in for the party too — her “special friend” Derick’s parents. At the time this episode was filmed last fall, Jim Bob and Jill were planning on visiting Derick (who is now Jill’s fiance.) It seems that visit went well! 
Meanwhile, Anna takes all three kids shopping for dinner fixings for 30 people, where this little gem of a conversation took place:
Anna to Michael: “We’re going to practice self-control at the store!”
Michael: “Yeah!”
Anna: “Do you know what self control is?”
Michael: “No!”
Giggle. But she persevered! She even spurs Josh on to get the family’s guest room finally together in a day and a half. Come on, Josh! If Anna can shop and cook for your entire family in one small, non-restaurant, non-Duggar-sized kitchen, you can paint a room and put together some bunk beds with the help of your friend! 
The wrench in the best designed plan? With very little notice, Jim Bob and the bus pulls up literally a day early. They drove through the night to get there before a storm. And then something starts burning in the kitchen. Oh, poor Anna.
We’re left waiting until next week to see how the dinner turned out. So check in next Tuesday night (April 29) at 9pm ET/PT on TLC.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson