19 kids and counting season 8 episode 6 jill duggar jessa duggar tlc '19 Kids and Counting' Season 8, episode 6: Chocolate fuels the ice skating on 'Duggars Reunited'
At the end of episode 5, we left poor Anna with a house full of smoke, and a busload of people arriving at any moment. It was a Duggar cliffhanger! On Tuesday’s (April 29) “19 Kids and Counting,” we discovered dinner turned out just fine, of course, and everyone gets to spend some lovely holiday time together.
We got a behind-the-scenes look at the older girls, Jessa, Jana, Jill, and Jinger, recording the audiobook version of their new book, “Growing Up Duggar.” After negotiating the streets of Washington D.C. to find the recording studio, they discover reading out loud for this amount of time can be tough. But they were happy with how it turned out in the end.
While the girls were off being big book on tape stars, the guys decide to shoot some scenes for a video version of “The Good Samaritan” story to surprise Michelle and Jim Bob. Poor Josh gets to be the beaten traveler, and since it’s November in D.C., it’s cold and snowy for the shoot.

Meanwhile, sisters Jordyn and Josie, and their niece Mackynzie (Josh and Anna’s daughter) are all celebrating their fourth birthday. Read that again if you didn’t get it. Since they’re all together at the same time, Michelle and Anna take them all to a candy store to, really, slather themselves in chocolate. As Michelle points out, Josie, who has survived and thrived after being born at 25 weeks, deserves all the chocolate her little stomach can hold.
In the end, just before the Duggar bus heads south to Arkansas, the entire family goes ice skating, or actually, plastic skating. The “ice” rink they go to was some kind of giant plastic piece used for skating. Leave it to the big city to have such a thing, eh?

Next week, we get back to the ever-popular courtship discussions, as Jill and Jim Bob head to Nepal to visit Derick (who is now Jill’s actual fiance, so we suspect the trip went well.)
Posted by:Kiley Thompson