19 kids and counting season 8 episode 8 jim bob duggar jill duggar derick dillard tlc '19 Kids and Counting' Season 8, episode 7: Jill gets asked 'The Big Question'
On Tuesday’s (May 13) episode of “19 Kids and Counting,”Jill and her father Jim Bob are just about to leave Nepal, but not until Derick asks Jill a certain question. Since she’d previously said she wasn’t sure what she’d say if asked to enter into courtship with Derick, what was her response?
Oh COME ON. The girl is IN DEEP. She’s already saying things like she “could be meeting my future husband” and she flew to NEPAL to meet him.
Of course, Jill said yes. But in between Derick’s big question and Jill’s response, they get some Nepalese souvenirs for the family, Jim Bob feeds a bunch of free roaming monkeys, Derick loses the hipster beard with a barber shop shave (Jill admits to liking the beard,) and Jill tours a local birth center and gets to help with a prenatal exam. Also, romantic Derick works with a local jeweler to have a very specific necklace made for Jill (a silver heart of little emeralds.) 

Back at home, Michelle continues making an effort to spend quality one-on-one time with all of the kids. This week, we learn James is a crack shot with the slingshot … and in her misspent youth, Michelle was too. She used to slingshot crab apples at passing cars!  She says she has a ton of other “bad” stories, and we want to say — PLEASE, TLC! We want more “bad” Michelle stories! We want a whole hour of “bad” Michelle stories!
But in the end, the Nepal group Skypes back to the Arkansas family, and everyone gets a chance to say hi, and yes, Jill agrees to officially enter into courtship with Derick. And was that boy nervous when he asked her! Since we know that Derick and Jill are engaged now, we can’t wait to see him return to Arkansas and how the rest of the family accepts him.

What’s next for the lovebirds? We’ll have to wait and see.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson