19 kids and counting season 8 episode 7 derick dillard jill duggar tlc '19 Kids and Counting' Season 8, episode 7: Jim Bob and Jill are 'Going the Distance for Love'
“Even for a Duggar, this is pretty weird.” — Jana Duggar
Falling in love with someone you’ve met online seems to be a fairly standard way to find happiness now. And on Tuesday’s (May 6) “19 Kids and Counting,” video chat queen Jill Duggar and her dad Jim Bob head to Nepal to meet her online love and “special friend,” Derick Dillard, to see if there’s something more there. Some parents don’t want to drive their kids to the mall. Jim Bob is OK with flying to Nepal. So call the Duggars unconventional, but that there is some trust and support in your child’s wishes.
While Derick Dillard is from neighboring Rogers, Arkansas, he’s been living in Kathmandu for the last two years, doing humanitarian work, which is right up Jill’s alley. She, too, wants to travel and serve. Derick has actually known Jim Bob the longest; he contacted him over a year ago to ask if he’d be a “prayer partner” with him, and Jim Bob thought he’d be good for Jill. 
And yes, we can’t help but think Derick had eyes for Jill before that time. Right? Come on! Had to have noticed her. She’s on TV! Good job getting in with Dad, Derick. Smart.
So how did the visit go? After the most intense “side hugs” ever, including very tall Derick resting his cheek on top of her head (probably a no-no,) they do a bunch of sightseeing together (while Jim Bob sweetly gave the young couple space,) try on some Nepali outfits, and Jim Bob stomachs some weird food. At the end of the episode, Derick does get permission from Jim Bob to start a courtship with Jill, but we won’t see him ask Jill what she thinks until next week.
Derick is adorable and bubbly and obviously incredibly into Jill, and they really do seem similar. While he wasn’t raised with the same relationship standards as the Duggars, Derick thinks it makes sense, and a wonderful idea to allow a couple of really get to know each other. And since he only has two more months in Nepal to go, we’ll probably see him hanging around the Duggar compound before too long.
So, big old spoiler alert — Derick is now Jill’s actual fiance, so we suspect the courtship asking and subsequent courtship interactions afterwards went well.  But it’s kind of nice watching it unfold.
Meanwhile, Michelle holds down the fort of 17 kids, including managing a couple of tantrums from little Josie and some bonding time with Jessa. From one parenting extreme to the other.
Best part of the episode though? Practical Jessa’s over-the-top impersonation of romantic, lovesick Jill. Ha. She cracks us up.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson