19 kids and counting jim bob michelle duggar old photo tlc '19 Kids and Counting': The Duggars celebrate 29 years of very fruitful marriageIt’s anniversary time for the Duggars on “19 Kids and Counting” – both couples! Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are celebrating their 29th anniversary, and Josh and Anna are celebrating their 5th happy year together. 

Jim Bob recounts how he met Michelle: he was doing church visitations with a friend and the friend said he knew of a girl (a cheerleader, even) who had just become a Christian, and Jim Bob said “well, let’s go see her.” He says when Michelle came to the door, she was the “most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.” Michelle, on the other hand, doesn’t remember meeting him specifically. Maybe the friend was really cute. However, she does say she knew after their first date that Jim Bob was the one for her.
Jim Bob tells Michelle to pack a bag, with a specific list of stuff, including closed-toed shoes and, romantically, gas pills. Well, after 29 years together, you have to be practical. They visited an art studio on their own, and learned how to do some glass blowing with little glass lovebirds (Jim Bob said he made a nice paperweight.) Meanwhile, all of the kids pitch in to put together a special anniversary dinner for the whole family at a local mill, serving their parents throughout the evening. On the menu? Beans and cornbread. Anti-gas medicine indeed. Afterwards, Jim Bob finds a little roadside motel, complete with jacuzzi, for $69 a night. High end anniversary night. 
But the next morning, Jim Bob takes Michelle out to a field for a hot-air balloon ride, and he says the three parts of their anniversary trip represents the three phases of their relationship: young lovebirds, serving their kids, and floating together across the world visiting their grandkids. Awww.
Joy Anna and Jana head to D.C. to watch their nephews and niece as Josh and Anna take some time to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary. But before that happens, the girls take Anna out for some girl time (Anna gets her first professional manicure,) leaving Josh alone with the three kids. Three kids under three… while trying to get some cute pictures of them to give Anna for a present. Yeah, that was a challenge. Out of the 60+ group pictures Josh took, one turned out well. Since they’re in a slightly bigger city than they were for their previous anniversaries, or the parents, Josh takes Anna out to dinner at Bond 45 in the National Harbor. No beans and cornbread to be found; they’re not in Arkansas anymore. They had steaks.

The Anniversary Game – some tidbits we learn about the couples:
  • Number of cans of hairspray Jim Bob goes through in one month: 3
  • Jim Bob’s key phrase when he’s “in the mood”: “Hey, hey, hey!” (No Fat Albert jokes to be found here.)
  • What Michelle was wearing on their first date: Pink formal dress
  • Craziest place Jim Bob and Michelle ever had “Bible study”: Bathtub
  • Josh habit Anna would most like to break: Talking too loudly
  • Where Anna first told Josh she loved him: On her parents’ couch
  • How long did Michelle and Jim Bob date before they got engaged: 7 months
  • What is MIchelle most scared of: Heights. Hot air balloon or not.
  • What was the “most memorable part” of Josh and Anna’s wedding night, according to Anna: No answer (“none of your business.”)
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