josh and anna duggar 19 kids and counting tlc '19 Kids and Counting': The Duggars say goodbye to Josh, hello to farm animalsAt the end of last week’s premiereMichelle and Jim Bob Duggar had left their eldest son Josh and his family stranded without their belongings in their new house outside of Washington, D.C. Type A Josh had moaned about Jim Bob’s relaxed “Duggar Time” being an obvious culprit in the situation. So how quickly do Jim Bob and the rest of the Duggars make it to D.C. on this episode of “19 Kids and Counting?” Quickly enough. And we get a second episode immediately after, involving farm animals. But one episode at a time, right?

Once the rest of the Duggar clan arrives, they also bring with them some of the members of the Bates family to help, giving them 27 pairs of hands to help move Josh and Anna in. As Anna says, “I’m not quite sure how many Duggars and Bates it takes to get a couch through the door… I know it probably takes at least 4 to 6 to carry it through, and then you can have an extra 10 or 12 giving advice on how to do it.” We’re exhausted just thinking about it. 
As a special gift, the Duggar girls had framed a bunch of family photos for Josh and Anna’s new house, and then after the trucks were empty, the same girls stayed up most of the night, and put everything away and decorated. We’d like to hire them for our next move. The next morning was Anna’s 25th birthday, so the entire Duggar crew headed to the National Mall in downtown D.C., and headed to the carousel. What made this slightly funny is, like “Duggar Time,” there’s also “Duggar Motion Sickness.” Half of the family ends up feeling ill by the end. As someone who has ridden that carousel, it is indeed a spinner. Whee.
At the end of the episode, the inevitable parting came; Josh headed off to his first day of work. and the extended Duggars headed back to Arkansas. Tissues were needed. The first Duggar has left the nest.

19 kids and counting jim bob moonpie tlc '19 Kids and Counting': The Duggars say goodbye to Josh, hello to farm animals

On the next episode, after Michelle and Jim Bob return to Arkansas, Jim Bob announces that the yard needs work. And that leads to Jim Bob having an idea. As Michelle says, when her husband announces that he has an idea, “hold on, because we are in for a lot of work or activity, one or the other.”
Jim Bob wants a farm. Like a real farm. Livestock. As Jim Bob says, “how hard can that be?” Ok, well. Sure.
Michelle, who is the voice of reason, suggests they “check into that idea.” Jim Bob finds a farm nearby, and gets an invitation to visit Youngblood Grass Fed Farms by Tracy Youngblood, the farmer in charge. So off to the farm they go.
Jim Bob finds it surprising that farmers get up early. That “up with the roosters” thing isn’t a myth. The Youngbloods explain that farming is ugly and dirty, but the way real food should be raised. The girls get split up to go feed the pigs, and the boys head over to the cows. 
Let’s just say if the Duggar girls have anything to say about it, they won’t be getting pigs. Jinger and Jessa (in their flip flops natch) weren’t impressed. At all. 
The boys feed the sheep, and then try their hands at milking (pun intended.) The oldest boys then watch Jim Bob, for lack of a delicate term, give a pregnant cow an obstetrical examination. At that moment, the allure of farming kind of dies away, but Jim Bob did take the opportunity to explain to the older boys, just how baby cows, and humans, are made. 
At the end of the episode, the family gets to help out at the butcher shop owned by the Youngbloods. During that experience, Michelle meets a young mom who lost a preemie baby, and thanks Michelle for televising the premature birth and growth of Josie, who was born 15 weeks early, and has thrived ever since. More tissues.
The Duggar farm consensus? Too much work. And pigs smell really bad.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson