When you date someone for a long period of time, there comes the inevitable point where you meet the family. If you’re dating one of the Duggar daughters, though, that takes on a whole new life.
The four eldest daughters of the “19 Kids and Counting” family have written a book about what they’re looking for in guys. During an interview on “Good Morning America” Tuesday (March 11), they were able to get across the main point.
“Courting is a new season of life, it’s exciting,” 21-year-old Jessa says. “We call it dating with a purpose and not just frivolous, really considering the person as a potential life partner.”
That’s right — the Duggar daughters aren’t interested in the short term, and they know what they want from the men they will eventually marry. “We talk about what we’re looking for [in the book]. Not just, ‘Oh, he’s a cute guy.’ But the heart of the matter,” 22-year-old Jill adds. “Is he going to be a good father? Is he slow to anger? We have a list in [the book] that helps girls think deeper than just the surface.”
Parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were also there for the interview, noting that they haven’t closed the door on more children in the future. “You’ll have to watch next season,” Michelle hints.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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