jim bob  michelle duggar '19 Kids and Counting's' Duggar family at center of extortion attemptA woman accused of trying to extort money from “19 Kids and Counting’s” parent network, the Discovery Channel, has been arrested by Federal authorities, reports FOX News.

Bettendorf, Iowa’s Teresa Hunt claimed to have “scandalous” photos of a Duggar family member with a much older musician and threatened to make them public unless the network paid her $10,000 or canceled the show.

The photos turned out to be of a Duggar cousin, Amy Duggar. According to RadarOnline, where Hunt also shopped the photos, the pictures were “harmless snaps,” despite Hunt’s allegation that Duggar and the musician had met in hotel rooms to have sex.

“It’s totally untrue,” says Amy Duggar in a statement. “He is a longtime family friend who has always been supportive of my music career. He’s a good Christian and it’s upsetting that his generosity has been exploited like this.”

An FBI agent contacted Hunt claiming he was a Discovery Communications representative. She then e-mailed photos to the agent as proof and demanded $10,000 be wired to her bank account. Hunt was then arrested and taken into custody.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson