repo games shooting reality tv sentencing spike Man sentenced to jail in 2011 'Repo Games' shooting

Three years after an April 2011 shooting involving the crew of the reality TV show “Repo Games,” Carlos Enrique Barron has been sentenced to county jail. The 43-year-old high school will serve 90 days locked up and an additional five years on probation, the Associated Press reports. 
He was convicted of felony assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, burglary and misdemeanor discharging a firearm charges. However, he was acquitted on two counts of attempted murder and one of discharge of firearm into a vehicle.
Barron claims he was acting in self defense when he approached two men in production van that was blocking his driveway while the show was taping down the street. Three shots were fired during the confrontation. Police found two shell casings near Barron’s garage and a third in the street in front of his house. Prosecutors suggested the third casing showed Barron followed the crew as they fled the scene.
“This incident has, yes, changed me. It taught me a lot of things,” Barron said during the sentencing phase of the trial. No one was injured in the shooting. Barron currently remains free, pending a July 24 status hearing.

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