ashley judd democratic national convention 2012 2012 Democratic National Convention: Ashley Judd says President Obama 'is a good man and a great President'One of the many celebrities on hand at the 2012 Democratic National Convention to support President Obama‘s re-election campaign was Ashley Judd, who is not only a supporter, but a delegate from Tennessee.

Judd tells CNN’s Piers Morgan, “I do believe with the President’s vision that we build our economy from the middle class out and we don’t slam the door on poor people coming up behind us. We give them the opportunity to work their way into our economy.”

“I talk a lot about health and Obamacare, which I use in a positive way, not derisively,” Judd continues. “The numbers in Tennessee are already really good for children who cannot be denied coverage for preexisting conditions. A lot of it boils down to opportunity, so I pledge allegiance to my flag and the spirit of opportunity in my country.”

Morgan asks her what she thought of President Clinton’s speech from Wednesday night (Sept. 5) and Judd responds, “President Clinton gave us a masterclass in civics, in history and the most important part was point-by-point he elucidated what President Obama’s platform is and contrasted it with the Romney-Ryan platform. He presented the incontrovertible facts with gravity and humor. It was vintage Clinton.”

So how can President Obama follow that up?

“All he has to do is be himself. He is a good man and he is a great President … he’s gonna kill it. He’s gonna knock it out of the park,” says Judd.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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