kirani james getty 2012 Summer Olympics medal count: Grenada gets on the leaderboard for the first time everWhile the United States and China may be battling it out atop the medal count leaderboard for 2012 Summer Olympics surpremacy, a great story of the games is the small country of Grenada winning its first Olympic medal in history.

When Kirani James won the men’s 400m race Monday (Aug. 6), he brought his home country its first Olympic glory — and hey, if you’re going to win the first, might as well make it a gold, right?

As for the overall medal count, China remains on top with 64 medals (31 gold, 19 silver, 14 bronze) to the U.S.’ 63 (29 gold, 15 silver, 19 bronze). The Netherlands joins the ranks of the double-digit medal earners and a bunch of countries got on the leaderboard for the first time, as 70 nations have earned at least one medal out of the roughly 200 that are competition in 2012.

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