jon hamm espys 2013 host 2013 ESPYs: Host Jon Hamm busts on Dwight Howard, Ryan Lochte and moreJon Hamm was the call to host the 2013 ESPYs, which is an interesting choice.

Not that he’s not great on “Mad Men” — he is and we’ll take his Emmy win this year, please and thank you — but he’s not a comedian, per se. And while there have been some non-comedians who hosted, most of the hosts have been funnymen for a living.

Hamm’s opening monologue proved that he is no comedian, though he didn’t do too badly.

He got in a funny crack about Ray Allen: “This is the 20th anniversary of the ESPYs. 20 years. Two decades. That means when the very first ESPYs aired, Ray Allen was only 35 years old.”

And took a pot-shot at sports versus acting: “Chris Bosh recently got fined $5000 for flopping, while Johnny Depp just got paid $20 million for flopping.”

Maybe the best joke was about Dwight Howard’s recent departure from the Los Angeles Lakers: “He’s leaving L.A., so he I guess he finally found a way to help the Lakers win,” followed by a reel of his highlights as a Laker (which had no footage).

The Olympics snark was also pretty good:

“Usain Bolt proved that he is the fastest man on land, Michael Phelps proved that he is the fastest man in the water and Ryan Lochte proved that he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Lochte won five medals in London and only two of them were damaged when he tried to find out if there is chocolate inside.”

Overall, not the best hosting job we’ve ever seen, but certainly not the worst. How do you think Hamm did to kick off the 2013 ESPYs?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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