2013 serial killers dexter orphan black 2013 was a very good year for ... Serial killers on TV

Serial killers had a great year on television in 2013. Both in numbers and successful murderous rampages, the psychos of TV were mostly doing just fine all year. From “Dexter” to “Orphan Black” to “Bates Motel,” dealers of violent death were everywhere.

How did 2013 cater to the killers? A few examples may explain it best:


For a serial killer, Dexter Morgan was always a nice guy. But did any of us ever think he would actually get away with it? Somehow, however, that’s exactly what happened. Dexter sailed off into a hurricane-filled sunset and still managed to find a new life as a logger out west.

Watch out, murderous trees!


“Hannibal” is the kind of show that has to take things slowly. After all, the second Will Graham catches on to the cannibalistic nature of his “friend” — Dr. Hannibal Lecter — the series is pretty much over. As it is, Hannibal spent his first season calmly killing people, hosting elaborate dinners and framing Will.

‘The Following’

What was so great about Joe Carroll? His charm, though considerable, never seemed quite enough to inspire murderous thoughts in otherwise decent-seeming people. With that in mind, only an excellent run of luck can explain Carroll’s Poe-inspired world of death.

Also, he’s probably not really dead.

‘Orphan Black’

Are you still a serial killer if the only people you kill are your own clones? Is that more like serial suicide? Whatever the case, Helena killed a whole bunch of her “seesters” before Sarah was able to take her down. Is Helena really dead? Is it awful to hope she isn’t?

‘Bates Motel’

Oh Norman Bates … The sensitive young man at the center of “Bates Motel” almost seems too sweet and innocent to be a serial killer. But that’s pretty much what he already is, despite a youthful appearance. Fortunately (?) for Norman, he lives in a dangerous, drug and prostitution-fueled town where a doting/obsessive mother keeps him safe.

‘Teen Wolf’

As if werewolves weren’t enough to plague the small, shirtless town of Beacon Hills, 2013 saw the arrival of a supernatural serial killer. The deceptively nice and pretty teacher, Jennifer Blake, managed to bring about a lot of carnage before even more death stopped her. And even after that, more death will surely follow.

Posted by:Laurel Brown