mark burnett sarah silverman getty critics choice 2014 2014 Critics Choice Awards: Mark Burnett's salty response to Sarah Silverman about reality TVWhen presenting the two awards for reality shows at the 2014 Critics Choice Television Awards, the schtick written for Sarah Silverman and Scott Aukerman was them acting like giving out awards to reality TV is the greatest thing a person could do in his or her entire life, though they were obviously being quite facetious.

“There is no other award I would rather give out tonight,” gushes Ackerman, as Silverman says, “Nor I.”

It was poking a bit of fun at the awards categories, which perennial reality producer Mark Burnett, who won for “Shark Tank,” took some umbrage to, When he won, he made sure to say that reality shows get the best ratings on TV: “They’re going to change the name next year to the award for the best ratings.”


It was kind of a moment, we’ll post video as soon as we have it.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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