neil patrick harris getty 2014 Tony Awards: 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' makes Neil Patrick Harris miss bedtime

Zap2it: “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” is your fourth Broadway show; you’ve had massive TV hits, done film and Web. What domain do you want to master next?
Neil Patrick Harris: I want to work on parenting. That’s the challenging one at the moment. The show is wonderful and structured, but the show doesn’t allow me to put them down to sleep. I see them once I wake up, only for a small period of time. I am regretting that. They are 3 1/2.
Zap2it: One of the best parts of Hedwig is how you ad-lib and get to abuse people who misbehave at the theater. Is it fun?
Neil Patrick Harris: Hedwig has the ability to chastise and she does not mince words. We are still early in the run. I have been playing around with just how ruthless she should be.
Zap2it: What has surprised you about being a parent?
Neil Patrick Harris: I am amazed at the kind of mischief they get into. Their mischief is just seeing what will get them into trouble and what won’t — once they figure out what the boundaries are. But I have to give utmost credit to [my husband] David, who is an extraordinary parent and a great person and I am anxious for him to be able to be nominated for a Tony himself — in chapters to come. He has sacrificed enough for me.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler