2014 winter olympics slopestyle skiers valentines day gi 2014 Winter Olympics: U.S. Slopestyle skiers share Valentine wishes

Even medalists at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi have Valentine’s Day wishes. The U.S. men’s free-skiing slopestyle team is just like the rest of us in wanting love, even after they swept the competition podium with the gold, silver and bronze medals.

So what do Joss Christiansen, Gus Kenworthy and Nick Goepper want? More precisely, who do they want for their Valentines?

To begin, there’s Christiansen, the gold medalist. He may be a “Harry Potter” fan.

Kenworthy, the silver medalist, took some time off from saving Sochi’s puppies to share his love for Miley Cyrus.

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Bronze medal winner Goepper may want to be the subject of a song one day.

Do these boys have a shot with their dream dates?

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