Just in case America wasn’t completely sick and tired of presidential campaigns, the GOP is said to be making plans for the 2016 election.
CNN reports four likely presidential hopefuls will meet at the upcoming Republican Governors Association meeting, taking place in Las Vegas.
It’s no surprise Chris Christie‘s name is in the hat. The New Jersey governor, who was rumored to consider a run at the 2012 White House, has made an even greater splash on the national scene in light of Superstorm Sandy. Louisiana’s governor, Bobby Jindal, Bob McDonnell of Virginia, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin are also said to be contenders for the Republican nomination.
In the days following Mitt Romney‘s loss to Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential campaign, Republicans were already discussing new strategies for reaching the voters they’ve lost, in the next round.
As for the Democrats, they won’t be running an incumbent in 2016, but it would appear the old guard will continue to front the movement. Vice President Joe Biden has hinted he will run, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sparked rumors she’s planning a campaign by announcing her forthcoming resignation from Obama’s Cabinet. 
So, just when you thought your TV was free and clear of political ads, strategists may already be planning how best to fill your airwaves in the not so distant future. And … breathe.
Posted by:mchance