david furnish barbara walters elton john 20 20 '20/20': Elton John, David Furnish say surrogate mom is, will be part of baby's lifeOn Friday night’s (April 22) “20/20” episode, Elton John and David Furnish opened up to Barbara Walters about their new lives as fathers to Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John.

Despite teasing us that they would reveal which of them is the biological father, the dads assure Barbara they mixed their sperm and they don’t know.

“At this stage it’s a guessing game, because when we look at our litle son, we can see elements or Elton and we can see elements of me,” says Furnish.

But they won’t care whoever it turns out to be, should Zachary want to know later in life. Elton also says that the woman who carried little Zachary is a part of his life (by FedEx, anyway) and will be later on because female role models are important.

“She’s been providing him with breast milk. We have the breast milk Fedex’d from where she is,” says Elton. “She and her family will still be a part of our lives growing up.”

And for another female figure, they’ve named Lady Gaga as Zachary’s godmother. “I love her to death and a lot of people say that’s crazy, but they don’t know her and we do,” says Elton.

Little Zachary was born on Christmas Day, which is responsible for his extra long name.

“He was just going to be Zachary Jackson, but because he was born on Christmas Day, there’s a line in my song from “Levon” that says, ‘He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas Day,’ so he got the name Levon as well,” says Elton.

When Barbara brings up an interview she did with Elton years and years ago, wherein he talked about growing up being afraid of his father, Elton says that life will hopefully not be like that for Zachary.

“I don’t want Zachary to ever be afraid of me. I want me to come home and him to be so happy and rush into my arms … I want the complete opposite of what I had to go through.”

Watch clips of the interview here.

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