20th century fox name change 21st Century Fox: Rupert Murdoch announces company name change

Rupert Murdoch‘s entertainment empire is getting a pretty major name change. When Murdoch splits News Corporation into two separately listed companies later in 2013, the one that focuses on entertainment will be known as 21st Century Fox.

Just don’t expect there to be a new logo on Fox’s films or TV shows, though. Murdoch announces that only the parent company for Fox’s entertainment properties will be known as 21st Century Fox, while the film studios and television studios will still be called 20th Century Fox. “It’s an 80-year-old brand that stands for something and means something to people,” the studio explains to Deadline. “It’s a brand. It’s something that has lasted. The other company is brand new and begins in the 21st century.”

21st Century Fox, which had tentatively been called Fox Group prior to Murdoch’s announcement, will usher the company “into the future,” Murdoch says.

“21st Century Fox is a name that draws upon the rich creative heritage of 20th Century Fox, while also speaking to the innovation and dynamism that must define each of our businesses through the 21st century,” Murdoch says. “Our new name is inspired by the very first company we acquired nearly 30 years ago as our initial foray into the awe-inspiring world of entertainment.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz