24 lad episode 10 fox '24: Live Another Day' episode 10 recap: '8:00 p.m.   9:00 p.m.'

The clock is winding down on “24: Live Another Day,” but you would never know that based on how the drama continues to rise. Right away Jack was able to take the mole, Navarro, into custody, but not before he was able to pass off the override device to Adrian Cross.
It turns out that little box is a lot more powerful than originally thought. Controlling drones is just one of its many uses. It can actually infiltrate anything in the military, including nuclear submarines.
That’s bad news for everyone, as the elusive Cheng has resurfaced. You may remember him as the former Chinese official who kidnapped and tortured both Jack and Audrey. He’s the one that had Cross develop the device in the first place. He, of course, plans to use it for terrible things.
He kills Cross’s associates and takes control of the override, with the intention of using it to have an American nuclear submarine fire on a Chinese air carrier. Before he also kills Cross, the hacker reveals to Chloe that the government didn’t kill her husband and son. The evidence exists to prove the whole thing was an actual accident, which crushed Chloe.
He still dies, and Cheng uses the device to fire torpedoes at the air carrier. Nothing says high stakes like an act of war against China. The kicker to it all it Jack knows where the device is. He and Kate tricked the information out of Navarro, which wasn’t all that difficult. However, as they closed in on the device, the Russians appear.
They called on Mark Boudreau to follow through on handing over Bauer, threatening to turn him in for forging the president’s signature. When he gave them the ability to track Jack, it was without realizing he was leading the hunt for the device.
Now the device is in enemy hands and Jack is busy trying to survive an attack by the Russians. With only two episodes left, it’s going to take a miracle for things to work out right.
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