24 lad episode 11 recap fox '24: Live Another Day' episode 11 recap: '9:00 p.m.   10:00 p.m.'

With only two episodes left, “24: Live Another Day” isn’t wrapping things up just yet. Instead, it’s creating even more for Jack Bauer to deal with. In the latest episode, viewers learned that while Cheng isn’t working with China, Russia is a whole other story.
While the country definitely wants to take custody of Jack, they are the ones bankrolling Cheng in his bid to start a war between China and the Unites States. That means Mark Boudreau has unknowingly been helping them in a bid to start that war.
When Jack finds out it was Boudreau who sold him out to the Russians, he does looking for answers. However, it’s also Boudreau who stepped up to the plate when he realized what he’d truly done. He went with Jack and Kate to interrogate Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister. Unfortunately, the firefight that ensued led to the Deputy PM’s death, before he could provide anything useful.
While this is happening, China has taken the attack on their air carrier as an act of war. They respond in kind, firing missiles at two U.S. satellites, leading President Heller to raising the alert level to DEFCON 3. They don’t believe Cheng is actually alive, let alone behind the attack.

When Audrey meets with a connection she has in the Chinese government, she passes along intelligence about the override device, promising proof of Cheng’s survival. However, before the contact can leave, she’s gunned down by a sniper, along with Audrey’s secret service detail.
As the final seconds in the hours ticked away, Cheng called Audrey’s cell phone, informing her that one of his men had her in his sights. He simply asked Audrey to sit on the park bench, without any explanation of what’s to come.

With the Russians and Cheng working together, two of Jack’s most fierce enemies over the years, it’s all building to what is sure to be one of the most action-packed finales in “24” history. The question is who will and won’t make it out alive when all is said and done.
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