24 live another day finale spoilers fox '24: Live Another Day' episode 12: 5 finale spoilers to get you ready

It’s Jack Bauer’s last stand as the final hour of “24: Live Another Day” inches closer. It’s been a typically rollercoaster season for Team Bauer, and now it’s up to Jack to save the United States from a war with China.
To get you adequately excited for the season finale, here are five spoilers to whet your appetite. Check them out, then get ready for one last mission with Jack.

1. The time jump will finally happen

You’ve been waiting for it all season, but at long last viewers will jump forward in time so the 12-episode season does, in fact, cover 24 hours. The ticking clock doesn’t denote a.m. or p.m. though, so keep a sharp eye out.
2. Jack gets a new toy

Jack has used every gun known to man and a variety of knives over the years on “24,” and just about anything else you could classify as a weapon. However, he adds a new one to his repertoire in the finale, and it makes a definite impact. Should the show continue, he should figure how to fit it in his messenger bag.

3. A familiar ’24’ convention makes its return
You’ve thought it was going to happen before, but something “24” fans will immediately recognize makes its grand return in the finale. That’s right, the cougar that tried to eat Kim is back! All right, it’s not that, but you’ll know it when you see it.
4. Jack and Chloe will be together again

Though they’ve been separated, thanks to Cross and Cheng, Chloe and Jack will spend some time together in the finale. After all, how can Jack possibly save the world without his best friend’s help?

5. Not everyone’s going to make it out alive

Nobody is safe when Jack goes to work and this episode will be no different. There will be casualties on both sides by the time the clock is done ticking, and some of them are going to hurt.

The season finale of “24: Live Another Day” airs Monday (July 14) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.
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