24 episode 2 recap fox '24: Live Another Day' episode 3 recap: The fate of Chloe's family is revealed

A lot happened in the third episode of “24: Live Another Day,” but nothing is more important than learning what’s happened to Chloe since she was seen at the end of the series.
It was obvious in the premiere that this is a very different Chloe. She was detached and had turned her back on the government. It turns out she did so with good reason. Her husband Morris and son Prescott were both killed, and Chloe believes the government is at fault.
She tells Jack the story of how Morris was driving Prescott home from soccer practice, when they were crashed into by a truck, which then quickly left the scene. Chloe says she was supposed to be the one in the car and whoever did it wanted her dead because of her connection to Jack.
This revelation is brought to light after Chloe was distracted by a man and child that looked like her family, allowing Simone to get away with the device that controls drones. It’s then learned that Simone is the daughter of a woman who was married to a terrorist killed in a drone strike approved by President Heller. No wonder she wants him dead. 

Though Simone and her brother are loyal to their mother and her cause, Simone’s husband isn’t. He’s having trouble coming to terms with the lifestyle his wife has chosen for them. What he doesn’t know is that his mother-in-law Margot is listening in as he shares his concerns with Simone.
Meanwhile, things with President Heller continue to spiral out of control. Audrey finally stands up to Mark, telling him he makes too many decisions for both the president and herself. She also gives a glimpse into her life since “24” ended, admitting he helped nurse her back to health, but she’s ready to lead her own life.

Still, Mark, as the President’s Chief of Staff, is up to no good. He’s seen forging Heller’s signature on a document with a really creepy look in his eyes. If he somehow ends up being one of the terrorists, then the White House’s background checks are completely useless.
Heller’s story for the night ends when he decided to address the British people himself, against the advice of Mark, about the drone strike. Before he can get a word out, the President realizes the mistake he’s made as he’s berated by angry citizens over the attack. They want the answers he just doesn’t have.
On the CIA side of things, Kate attempts to question the drug dealer who was housing Yates before he was killed. After some time and a few threats, he hands over a name. Not coincidentally, the name he gives is Tanner, the military computer tech being framed for ordering the drone strike on US and British soldiers.
Tanner is being held at the US embassy in London. Jack figures that out with the help of Chloe’s hacker group, who agree to help him gain access to the compound so he can speak to Tanner. They aren’t all in favor of it though, as Adrian goes behind Chloe’s back to input bad information for Jack into the system so he’s immediately found out.
Once Chloe realizes what he’s done, she tells Jack to split but it’s too late. Always willing to improvise, Jack ditches his messenger bag, which should be a crime, and causes a stir among the protesters outside the embassy. As they storm the gates, he joins in to get inside. It just so happens at that moment, Kate and her CIA colleagues arrive at the embassy in order to question Tanner.
She was there in time to see Jack at the embassy, but not soon enough to actually stop him from going inside, bringing the house to a close. Jack may have gotten into the embassy, but there’s no way he can actually get to Tanner, right?
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