24 live another day episode 3 recap fox '24: Live Another Day' episode 4 recap: Jack Bauer reaches the end of the line

Considering he spent the whole night in one building, it was a really intense hour for Jack Bauer on “24: Live Another Day.” Jack was inside the embassy with only one goal in mind: Get Tanner’s flight key to prove the impending terror attack.
The problem with that goal is practically everyone is out to destroy him, even President Heller. Once the president learned that Jack is actually in London he speaks to him on the phone. Though Bauer makes a convincing argument, it simply isn’t enough, especially when Heller has Chief of Staff Bourdeau in his ear.
Jack got to Tanner before the CIA could and convinced him to hand over the flight key, but was still trapped in the embassy. With no way out, he has Chloe direct him to a secured communications room in the building. Once there, naturally he has tot take hostages because the stakes need to be raised.
Morgan makes it to Tanner after Jack has gotten what he wants and, after hearing his story, she actually believes that Jack is doing the right thing. When she finally tracks Jack to the communications room, she gets into it via an air vent before the Marines can breach it and kill him.

Instead, she convinced Bauer to give himself over to her custody and says she’ll upload the information on the flight key so the terror attack can be stopped. Jack agrees as the last second, right before the Marines burst through the door and finish him off once and for all. It’s a big step for Jack, who normally doesn’t play fast and loose with his trust.
Meanwhile, Margot is really stretching the limits of her power within the family. Naveed wants away from his mother-in-law, but his wife Simone is loyal to her mother. Still, he comes up with an escape plan for the both of them and she seems interested in taking it. She ends up coming clean with her mother, though.

That was definitely not a good idea, as Margot then uses Simone against him. To get what she wants, which is Naveed piloting the drones that will be used in the attack, she has her daughter’s finger chopped off. It does the trick though and the episode ends with Margot calling for her people to take control of the 10 drones closest to London.
The next hour is shaping up to be the most devastating yet.
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