24 live another day episode 5 recap fox '24: Live Another Day' episode 5 recap: Jack and Audrey are reunited

The unthinkable has happened on “24: Live Another Day.” Margot Al-Harazi is in control of US drones over London. By the time the president got around to listening to Jack, it was simply too late. While he was able to ground most of the nation’s drones, there are six in the London vicinity that Al-Harazi was able to get her hands on.
Of course, that was no thanks to her son-in-law. Though Naveed agreed to help her after Margot had her own daughter’s finger chopped off, he attempted to lead authorities to their location. He made the mistake of telling his wife this, who immediately spilled the beans to her mom.
Once Margot has someone trained just enough to pilot the drones, she puts a bullet in Naveed. The worst part of it was that even his wife Simone would not speak against her mother. Margot’s got the brainwashing part set.
The only key to bringing Al-Harazi down might be Jack. Heller meets with him and learns he might know someone who can help, but Bauer smartly keeps the information to himself. Obviously, he doesn’t know who he can trust. At the end of the day, Jack’s duty is always to his country first and he will do anything to defend it, even disobeying an order from the president.

When the CIA operatives follow a lead that they think will take them to Al-Harazi and the drone override device, it turns out to be a trap. The first drone strike obliterates the structure. Margot also releases a video condemning the US for the attack that killed her husband. She demands Heller surrender himself to her or thousands will die at the hands of her drones.
While all of this is happening, Jack has a brief moment with Audrey, which is something fans have been waiting for. It’s one of the rare times you seen to see an emotional Jack Bauer. He is definitely still in love with her, admitting to his past deeds. She feels the same, though her marriage is a bit of a sticking point.

Jack’s focus remains on the task at hand, though. While he may end up with Audrey in the long run, there’s no time for that now. Seeing how much damage just two missiles from one drone can cause, the never-ending day of horror is just beginning.
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