24 live another day episode 7 fox '24: Live Another Day' Episode 7 recap: Will President Heller surrender?

While the end of this episode of “24: Live Another Day” wasn’t quite as chaotic or violent as normal, the implications were far heavier. Throughout the episode it was hinted that President Heller was preparing to turn himself over to Margot Al Harazi.
He came clean to the British Prime Minister about his illness and put in motion plans to remove himself from the presidency. However, it wasn’t until the two were on a video call did it seem remotely possible that Heller would surrender to the terrorist. He didn’t outright say it, but that seems to be how he’s leaning.
Meanwhile, it was further shown Margot will go to any lengths to get what she wants, including killing her daughter. After Simone was hit by a bus chasing her niece Yasmin, Margot knows she’s a liability.
While Jack tries to question Simone, Margot sends a drone at the hospital she’s been taken to. When one of her henchmen gets inside the locked down building, Jack gives chases the man but is too late to stop security from killing him. However, in checking his phone, Jack learns about the incoming drone and evacuates the hospital. Yasmin and Simone both get out, with Jack and Kate escaping with the latter in a car. Try as Margot might, the drone’s remaining missiles all miss their mark and the three get away.

En route to the CIA compound, Heller calls Jack and says he needs to see him. It’s possible he’s going to figure out a plan with Jack simply so they can get close to Margot. It could also just be a goodbye.
Boudreau meets with the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and it doesn’t go well. He knows Boudreau forged the president’s signature, which is technically an act of treason. It looks like the Chief of Staff is in way over his head.

Then there’s Navarro. It was revealed he is a mole in the CIA, and it turns out he’s working for none other than Chloe’s hacker mentor Adrian Cross. It was cross who sold the nation’s secrets, not Kate’s late husband. What else is he capable of? Is he the one who sold Chloe out to the CIA in the first place?
Of course, Cross being a master hacker, he knows that Jordan is tracking him and expects Navarro to remedy the situation. Unfortunately for them, the man sent to kill Jordan is just terrible at his job.
Now Jordan has to know something is up, but will he be able to do anything about it? That’s just one of the big questions leading into next week’s episode. What is Heller’s plan, if any? If Simone survives her injuries, does she actually know enough to help?
With seven episodes down and only five left, “24: Live Another Day” is kicking into high gear and is only going to get crazier from here.
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