24 lad episode 8 recap '24: Live Another Day' episode 8 recap: '6:00 p.m.   7:00 p.m.' brings shocking death

It the producers of “24: Live Another Day” wanted you to believe no one is safe, they definitely found the right target. At the close of the most recent episode, President Heller sacrificed himself to keep London safe from drone attacks. He went to Wembley Stadium and stood in the middle of a field until a drone fired on him.
If he really dead, though? We’ll get to that later. When Heller spoke with Margot Al-Harazi last week about terms of his surrender, it was easy to think there was some sort of plan in the works. It turns out the plan was truly for Heller to give his life.
He’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and was already planning to resign as president, before his health got too bad. A letter he drafted would leave the job to his vice president before he surrendered. To make sure the plan works, Heller drafts Jack and Budreau to help him get to Wembley without anyone realizing he’s gone.
Jack has to knock out a member of secret service in the end, but he’s able to get Heller to Wembley surprisingly easily in time to surrender. While it clearly looks like Heller is dead as the episode closes, there is one thing about it that seems a bit suspicious.

More often than not, when someone important dies on “24” they are given a send off via a silent ticking clock at the end of the episode. It’s happened 11 times throughout the series, most often due to tragic deaths. Heller didn’t get that, though. Instead Margot was the last image seen in the episode before the standing ticking clock.
While Heller is most likely dead, this could leave a bit of wiggle room if that’s not actually the case. Still, it’s going to take a lot for them to explain how a missile didn’t kill him, if they go that route.

Should Margot not keep her word to destroy the drones, it at least seems Chloe may be on her way to figuring out how to get control of them back. Thanks to some information from Simone, they found Margot’s old home base and a disk that Naveed his there, containing a way into her system.
Meanwhile, Navarro and Cross are having a bit of trouble with Jordan. The hitman failed to kill Jordan and he realized it was Navarro who was behind it all. In the end, Jordan kills the hitman, but not before he gets stabbed. It doesn’t look like he’s going to make it, meaning Navarro might still be safe for now.
This was another episode with no time jump, but the producers say it’s definitely coming soon. What did you think of tonight’s “24: Live Another Day”? Sound off in the comments.
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