24 lad episode 9 recap fox '24: Live Another Day' episode 9 recap: '7:00 p.m.   8:00 p.m.'

Have you caught your breath yet after that roller coaster of a “24: Live Another Day” episode? First thing’s first: President Heller is alive. Sure, you saw him get blown up last week by a drone, but the lack of a silent ticking clock should have told you it wasn’t the end of Heller’s road.
Jack had a secret plan all along, which included sending a bogus video feed to the drones so Margot Al-Harazi thought she was killing Heller. She doesn’t realize she’s been had until after she’s destroyed all but one of them, though. She targets the final drone on Waterloo Station.
What she doesn’t know is how close Jack and the CIA are to locating her. They take the building and Jack is able to steer the missile away from the station and into the water, saving the day. For good measure, he also tosses Margot and her son out a fifth-floor window, ending their presence once and for all.
It was actually a very strange moment when Jack threw Margot out the window. It’s definitely not something he would have done as an actual government operative, but it’s clear that all bets are off.
While this is all happening, Kate is given word that Jordan’s body was found, along with the hitman who killed him. Once word gets back to Navarro, he goes into panic mode and contacts Cross about helping him disappear. The evil hacker will do it, but for a price. He wants the override device, which is now in government possession.
Navarro agrees and chokes out a CIA analyst to get it. As he escapes, Jack is hot on his tail but just not quick enough. Meanwhile, Chloe tells Jack she can’t help him anymore and it’s time to go her own way, which just so happens to be with Cross. What she doesn’t realize is that Cross has set a meeting with Navarro to get the device.
There’s only three episode left of “24: Live Another Day” and that time jump is still coming.
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