24 live another day 1 2 recap fox '24: Live Another Day' episodes 1 and 2 recap: Jack and Chloe reunite, but it doesn't feel so good

With the premiere of “24: Live Another Day,” Jack Bauer’s world has come back to life and is worse off than it ever was in past seasons. Since the show came to an end, Jack is still on the run and somehow Chloe’s life has led her to the point where she’s being held on treason charges.
The setting has jumped to London, during a visit from the now-United States President, James Heller. Naturally, that means his daughter Audrey is there with him, but she’s not the same person we remember. The woman who always stood her ground has sort of faded into the background, behind her father’s Chief of Staff, who happens to be her husband. That, coupled with the president’s failing health, creates an interesting dynamic.
The first episode introduces the broad strokes of the conflict that will drive the story and it’s something “24” couldn’t have done originally. Drone warfare, a topic that wasn’t as prevalent in pop culture when the show ended in 2010, is at the center of the season. The first hour of “Live Another Day” ends with someone taking control of a US drone to attack a US military convoy. It’s quickly learned that the soldier who was supposed to be in control of it, though is was taken from him, is being held responsible.
The drone strike doesn’t help US relations with other countries. In addition to the US soldiers killed, two British ones were as well. The president is already on shaky ground with some allies, including the British, who oppose the use of drones.

Bauer is captured by the CIA early on, but it takes no time at all the realize he planned the arrest just to get to Chloe, who is being held in the agency’s London office. She’s being drugged for information she won’t give up. Jack has no troubles breaking them both out, before telling Chloe to hide somewhere safe.
What she doesn’t realize is Jack put a tracker in her phone and she leads him with to the hacker group she works with, an off-the-books Wikileaks type of outfit. Jack’s looking for someone no longer working with the group, Derek Yates. He’s the man who took control of the drones and Jack’s primary target as a threat against the president. Instead of relying on words and emotions, Jack uses a gun and a bad attitude to get the group to help him find Yates, something they’re not all that happy to do.

While helping him, Chloe also confronts Jack. Things for her haven’t been great, though she doesn’t elaborate. While Jack needs to do whatever he can to make sure Heller is safe, Chloe’s opinion on the government isn’t what it used to be. That’ll be something that needs to be addressed soon.
Meanwhile, Yates has set up shop with his girlfriend in a drug den, because why not? Jack gets that information from the leader of Chloe’s group, Adrian Cross. The CIA tracks Jack and Chloe down to the project they are chasing Yates through, but Chloe manages to allude them. Jack isn’t as lucky, and the operatives get to him just before he can nab Yates and the girlfriend, allowing them to get away.
Of course, three minuted later Jack has someone gotten out of custody and gets picked up by Chloe, who stole a car. That’s when the unexpected happens. After escaping, Yates is killed by his girlfriend once they’re free an clear of the law. Of all the ways to go, while standing at a urinal has to be one of the worst.
With him out of the way, she’s got the device that controls the drones. It turns out her mom is the buyer Yates was working for, which is a strange little twist. A mother-daughter terrorist team? Is there anything “24” won’t do?
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