One of the more interesting aspects of “24: Live Another Day,” besides catching up with Jack and Chloe after four years, is the relationships among the antagonists. 
As Margot Al-Harazi, Michelle Fairley treads the line between mother and terrorist leader. She’s driven by wanting revenge for her husband’s death and has indoctrinated her children into that line of thinking. However, things get tricky as her daughter Simone is married to a man who doesn’t agree with her views.
In a conference call, Fairley explained the difficulties of the relationship. “Margot is second-guessing any possible commitment problems that her daughter might have because she went through them herself,” she says. “She is not asking anybody to do anything that she herself has not done in the past. She knows what it takes to do these things. That’s why she is very conscientious and she’s very watchful of the people around her because she’s been in that position herself and she knows the doubts that will creep into somebody’s mind because they probably crept into hers, so she had to fight against those doubts in order to achieve her goal.”

Still, her daughter is in love and, while the cause is most important to Margot, that might not always be the case for Simone. “This marriage is incredibly important to her daughter and it’s a very fine line that Margot has to tread here,” she explains.
That’s where the above clip from Monday’s (May 19) episode of “24: Live Another Day” come into play. Obviously, things come to a head between Margot and her son-in-law, but what will the outcome be?

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