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When “24: Live Another Day” premiered, fans were introduced to a very different Audry Raines than in previous seasons. The one-time love of Jack has been through a roller coaster life since meeting the government operative-turned fugitive.
“I definitely feel like when we saw Audrey in Season 5, she was no-nonsense and knew exactly what she wanted,” actress Kim Raver tells Zap2it of the character. However, after the trauma of Season 6, where she was help captive by the Chinese government, Audrey was never the same.
Now Audrey is married and working within her father’s presidential administration, but the take-charge women fans remember still hasn’t returned. “I definitely feel at the beginning of “Live Another Day,” she’s in a very different place,” Raver says. “Her husband sort of nursed her back to life, but at the beginning she’s definitely not the Audrey we knew.”
As the season moves on though, Raver assures “she really finds her voice again.” The question is how much of that will have to do with the return of Jack Bauer to her life. “I am a hopeless romantic,” she admits. “For me, I think that’s the great thing between Audrey and Jack. They’re these two tortured people who, in my mind, really belong together.”

Beyond being a hopeless romantic, Raver is a proponent of health for women. With National Women’s Health Week kicking off May 11, there’s no better time to get her message out.
“I think it’s important, for me I’m a working mom and super busy, and it’s hard to find things to do that are healthy but include that beauty aspect,” she says. For instance, Raver suggests using a moisturizer of foundation that includes an SPF, so you’re protected from the sun. She adds, “We all have to brush our teeth, but with Colgate Total Advanced Whitening, we also get a brighter smile.”

Colgate is also supporting the not-for-profit, which offers information and helps answer health and medical questions women may have. “It’s an incredible resource for women,” Raver explains.
National Women’s Health Week is May 11 through May 17.
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