mary lynn rajskub 24 fox '24: Live Another Day's' Mary Lynn Rajskub: Chloe's son is her personal tragedy

When Chloe appeared in “24: Live Another Day,” she looked drastically different than when the series ended. In addition to her change in appearance, she also had a completely different attitude.
Obviously, there has been something that happened in Chloe’s life that turned her against the government and landed her in London covered in tattoos. Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays everyone’s favorite hacker, says it won’t be long before fans figure out what went wrong.
The reason might be even more heartbreaking than you can imagine. When asked about Chloe’s son, who wasn’t mentioned in the first two episodes, Rajskub tells Zap2it, “It is revealed and that’s part of her personal tragedy.”
She continues, “She’ll talk to Jack about it in episode 3 or 4 and it’s really bad. She’s in a bad way and she confronts Jack about some other stuff and reveals the things that have happened to her.” She wouldn’t go into details about what could have happened to her child, or his father, but simply says “It’s a bummer.”

That’s a change for Rajskub, who says she’s always been able to find a certain levity in the character, no matter how intense things got. “This time around I’m a little bit worried because Chloe is in such a sad place that she’s mean and in pain,” she says.
At least she can take some happiness out of the fan response she’s received for the return of the series, though. “People are still so pumped up,” Rajskub says. “People are so happy it’s back. As much as it’s so crazy that we’re returning, people are like, ‘Yes, I’m ready. I want it!”

“24: Live Another Day” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.
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