cherry jones mandisa '24': Cherry Jones to 'American Idol's' Mandisa: Pres. Taylor will 'not go unscathed'What happens when a star from a hit scripted show on FOX meets a star from a hit reality show on FOX? Information on the final season of “24” via an “American Idol” finalist emerges.

Season 5 “Idol” finalist Mandisa tweets April 26: “24 SPOILER- When I met Cherry Jones @ LAX she warned me that Pres.Taylor would not go unscathed. This makes me sad.”

It has been made public knowledge that this is the final season of “24” and while we doubt they would kill off Jack Bauer, could this mean they kill off President Allison Taylor?! It’s not like the show is shy about making mince meat of its main characters. We certainly hope that’s not the case here but with the tease from actress Cherry Jones, who knows?

Meanwhile, “24” star Kiefer Sutherland has told Zap2it what his plans are going forward, which include a role in the Lars von Trier movie “Melancholia.” He also says it would be “almost icky” to pick up a gun and chase somebody if he wasn’t playing Jack Bauer. But he is currently reading the script for the eagerly-anticipated “24” feature film.

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