2 broke girls kat dennings beth behrs lindsay lohan cbs '2 Broke Girls' Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs defend Lindsay Lohan

Less than a day after rumors surfaced that Lindsay Lohan was a disaster of a guest star on “2 Broke Girls,” Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs both took to Twitter to defend her. The actresses insist that Lohan was both professional and pleasant when on the set.

These defenses dispute the contents of a blog posted on Thursday (March 13), in which the Crazy Days and Nights author detailed how Lohan’s unprofessional behavior delayed a full day’s filming schedule.

“It took about 45 minutes to shoot because she never could get through without screwing up,” the blog says of Lohan. “She would get one line and screw up another. There was some combination that she always managed to find that she had not done previously.”

According to Dennings and Behrs, however, this is completely untrue. Dennings’ objections went up first on her Twitter account:

Behrs corroborated this view of the situation a short time later:

The question now seems to be: Do you believe a semi-anonymous blogger or the stars of “2 Broke Girls”?

Posted by:Laurel Brown