2 broke girls matthew moy leprechaun interview cbs '2 Broke Girls' Season 3: Matthew Moy's take on Lindsay Lohan, the leprechaun and more

“2 Broke Girls” knows how to get its audience’s attention. In addition to a high-profile appearance from Lindsay Lohan in a Season 3 episode, the show celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style with Han the Leprechaun (aka, LepreHan).

Matthew Moy, the actor behind Han, dishes on the show, his character and more in this conversation with Zap2it.

Unfortunately, Moy doesn’t have much to give away when it comes to upcoming episodes. “We have no idea what to expect,” he says. “They don’t let us know until right before the table read.”

Moy can at least offer some hints about upcoming guest stars like Lohan. “We had a really fun time with her,” Moy insists. “She just visited the other day, just to say hi, which is very cool. She’s just very cool!” 

But Lohan isn’t the only big guest star coming to “2 Broke Girls.” Although Moy can’t say the actor’s name, it’s someone that impresses the sitcom star. “We have a really great guest star that I admire and is a huge inspiration to me as an actor,” he says. “I got a great picture of me with that guest star — that’s how enamored I am.”

Han has had plenty of stories over the three seasons, but what does Moy want next for his character? For one thing, the actor wants to see Han get a real girlfriend. “I’d love to see Han have a steady girlfriend eventually and how that turns out,” explains Moy. “I mean, he’s dated on the show so many different types of women … Or he’s been with different types of women, I wouldn’t say he’s dated them.”

And what about that leprechaun costume Han wore on the St. Patrick’s Day episode? Moy absolutely loves it. “It was great!” he exclaims. “Even [executive producer] Michael Patrick King — I messed up and Michael Patrick King ran up to me, and I thought he was going to give me some huge note about something I was doing wrong. But he came up and kissed my cheek. I’m pretty sure it was because I was dressed up like a leprechaun.”

Are there more leprechauns to come? Fans will have to watch “2 Broke Girls” Mondays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

Posted by:Laurel Brown