whitney cummings dec 2012 g '2 Broke Girls' Whitney Cummings: 'We don't have to make a lot of compromises'Zap2it: Do you clash much with network censors over either “2 Broke Girls” or “Whitney”?

Whitney Cummings: With “2 Broke Girls,” we don’t have to make a lot of compromises over there. I don’t think the show runner, Michael Patrick King, is having to change much. [With “Whitney”], that’s a relationship show about these two people; it’s not a stand-up act or a roast. I challenge myself every day to take out edgier jokes on that show, because that’s just not how I would really talk to my boyfriend. It would feel false, like, “Oh, look, Whitney’s doing her stand-up!”

Zap2it: What made you pick Julian McCullough to be your “Love You, Mean It” sidekick?

Whitney Cummings: I wanted to make sure that whoever I had as a sidekick would feel comfortable making fun of me and not be scared because I was, like, the boss. So I went out with Julian one night wearing these really ridiculous boots, and I thought, “If Julian makes fun of these boots, he’s hired.” They were just these really ridiculous snow boots, and Julian said, “Jeez, Louise,” and something that was really funny and biting that just shut me down. I knew he was the one.

Zap2it: How do you describe his role on the show?

Whitney Cummings: I’m going to be doing so many things that Julian basically will be responsible for telling me what I am doing at any given moment. I’ll be saying, “Julian, what are we talking about?” and he’ll be saying, “Whitney, just read the prompter.”

Posted by:John Crook