30 rock golden globe '30 Rock' acknowledges bribery, still nabs 3 Golden Globe nominations

Boosting its meta quotient just a bit, “30 Rock” is up for 3 Golden Globes — including nods for stars Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin and best comedy — despite the fact that a recent episode focuses on how easily swayed the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is by attention and bribes.

November’s “Brooklyn Without Limits” features a storyline about Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) trying to earn a nomination for his film, “Hard to Watch,” after an interview with a few members of the HFPA.

This reminds Jenna (Jane Krakowski) of the time she tried to do it herself, when she starred in the Lifetime original movie “Sister, Can You Spare a Breast?”

She tells him to invite them all for a luncheon screening of “Hard to Watch” (based on the the book “Stone Cold Bummer” by Manipulate) and then ply them with gifts.

Adding insult to injury, Tracy only wants the Globe in hopes of scoring an Oscar. (The “G” in EGOT stands for “Grammy.”)

Now, with so much of “30 Rock” rooted in real life events, however loosely, you have to wonder how many of the 90 members of the HFPA have ever had a long, enchanting lunch with Tina Fey.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell