30 rock s5 320 '30 Rock': Brooklyn Without Limits30 rock s5 320 '30 Rock': Brooklyn Without LimitsJack thinks he has found his magic bullet — the man through whom he can vanquish Representative Regina Bookman and, thus, facilitate the Kabletown merger — in Rhode Island Congressional candidate Steven “Steve” Austin (John Slattery), whose primary platforms include dressing like a baby (symbolizing hope!) and tricking blind people into confusing him with Steve Austin the wrestler.

When Steve turns out to be a Libertarian nut job prone to jabbering about alien casinos and proposing new national anthems largely composed of the words “Ooga booga,” Jack’s plan inevitably falls apart.

Meanwhile, Tracy is riding a wave of Oscar momentum for his film Hard To Watch. He asks Jenna for advice on how to secure a Golden Globe, and naturally she undermines him at every opportunity. She suggests he throw a party for the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that showcases a salsa-filled pi´┐Żata, Kenneth as a human sushi platter, and bribes as far as the eye can see. Her well-laid plans go to pot when she actually watches Tracy’s movie and is so moved by his performance that she feels compelled to confess her sabotage plans and encourage Tracy to go forth and win that Oscar. May the EGOT be with him.

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