30 rock s5 320 '30 Rock' recap: Everything's Coming Up KennethOn “30 Rock,” it’s all about the relationships this week. Lemon and Jack both vie with the elevated demands of their relationship. Jack devises “The Fabian Strategy,” inspired by Roman general Fabius Maximus, wherein he simply redirects conversation whenever Avery wants to discuss things like wallpaper swatches.

So successful is this strategy that he has time to horn in on Lemon’s budding relationship with sensitive pilot Carol (Matt Damon). Lemon hates the idea of a label, preferring to live independently and fit together perfectly for the short stretches in between Carol’s commercial flight schedule. She thinks he’s the Jeffrey to her Ina Garten.

She thinks Carol’s on the same page until he starts weeping into her lap, begging for clarity in their relationship. In the end, she agrees to move forward inch by inch, and they kick things off by some good times revealing their childhood experiences with pedophilia (Carol) and future adoptive children (Lemon). More on that to come, we’re sure. Meanwhile, Jack comes to a compromise with Avery and realizes that the solution he reached was the very thing she’d been angling for all along. For this masterful strategery, he loves her all the more.

Pete is aces in his relationship with ol’ Mrs. Hornberger now that Jenna has joined on as a producer (per a stipulation in her contract) and freed up all his time by being a surprisingly good budgetmaster. Eventually, though, she realizes her role as producer is the key to making the budget work and falls on the ballpoint pen, so to speak. Much to the chagrin of Pete, who’s taken to making every day casual drinkin’ Friday since Jenna took over all his responsibilities and stopped being a needy, high-maintenance nutbag for a second and a half.

No worries, though, because Tracy can always be counted on to fill in any gaps Jenna leaves on the crazy front. This week, he misses Kenneth so deeply that he is seeing the Muppet-faced former Page all over the studio. Fearing he might be turning schizophrenic, Tracy walks away to clear his head. Along the way he literally bumps into Kenneth, who has picked up a new job and a nifty red blazer from “The Late Show with David Letterman.” It takes some convincing (in the form of Kenneth throwing himself in front of a taxi) to prove that this Kenneth is not just a figment of Tracy’s imagination. Despite Tracy’s pleas for Kenneth to return to “TGS,” Class Act Parcell insists he’s happy at his new job. Tracy sadly bids adieu to Kenneth, snatching up some CBS swag along the way. Later, we learn that Kenneth was putting on a brave face and misses the old gang terribly. In no small part thanks to the lecherous custodian roving the halls and propositioning Kenneth during the night shift. Siiiiigh.

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