tracy morgan kidney transpant '30 Rock': Tracy Morgan missing several episodes following kidney transplant “30 Rock” is oddly plagued by kidney issues.

After a Season 3 storyline (and all-star song) about needing kidney and supporting player Grizz Chapman‘s transplant earlier in 2010, star Tracy Morgan has reportedly undergone a kidney transplant of his own.

EW reports Morgan, who was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996, had the procedure on or around Dec. 10. “Tracy is doing well and taking some much needed time to recover after
the surgery,” reads a statement from one of his representatives. “He is looking forward to going back to work after the

That recovery time isn’t restricted to a bed. Morgan was spotted at Dec. 17 Knicks game in New York.

Morgan is expected to miss between 2 and 3 March episodes of “30 Rock” during his break from filming. EW also reports that his absence is being written into the series as the result of a meltdown following some good thing that happens to his character.

We acknowledge the severity of this matter and wish Morgan a quick recovery. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t close this on Season 3’s season-ending musical number, “Kidney Now.”

Just give a kidney. We hear it really doesn’t hurt that bad.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell