Ah, save-the-date cards… That passive-aggressive wedding tradition that keeps people from coming up with a good excuse to miss a wedding! But it’s somehow not quite such a problem when it comes to a TV wedding like that of Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) on “30 Rock.”

No one would want to miss this wedding.

Wait a minute! Liz Lemon is getting married? The answer, according to a wedding announcement sent on Thursda (Nov. 15), is yes. Ms. Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon will wed Mr. Crisstopher Rick Chross (James Marsden) on Thursday, Nov. 29 at 8pm (7pm central).

Other than the fact that there will (maybe) be a wedding at all, what are the highlights of this announcement? For one thing, it’s terribly progressive of Liz to present herself to be married. That honor usually goes to the parents. But hey, she’s 42. Of course she can present herself.

Also, the wedding announcement makes it very clear that Liz is neither property nor a virgin. So don’t start thinking of her that way. Also, bring your own snacks.

Check out the wedding announcement for yourself below.

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Posted by:Laurel Brown