4th-and-loud-paul-stanley-gene-simmons-KISS-AMC.jpgKISS rockers Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are launching a reality show in August on AMC that will chronicle their journey of forming an arena football team in Los Angeles, the L.A. KISS — and they’re confident they are going to put the Arena Football League on the map.

“We’re the Tiger Woods of golf. Before Tiger Woods, nobody cared about golf,” Simmons tells the 2014 TCA press tour audience. He adds that what the show is not is an ESPN docu-series, however.

“The idea of being on AMC is a grand, whole new audience who may not be
interested in the thing but we hope that they’re going to be interested
in the people and then fall in love with the L.A. KISS and that will
benefit them and the AFL,” says Simmons.

In bringing the show to TV, the goal is to combine football with what makes KISS so recognizable.

“We want the football to be legitimate and around it, we’ll give you all the bells and whistles that makes KISS the most iconic band of all time,” says Simmons. Stanley adds, “It’s no secret that going to a sporting event nowadays means you have to either mortgage your home or sell your car … we wanted to bring it down to where there’s a $99 season ticket, where it hearkens back to a time where you went to a game and experienced something that was wholesome.”

But not too wholesome, because Simmons says they want to get away from the “sexless” cheerleaders you often see nowadays at sporting events. The L.A. KISS cheerleaders are “not the girl-next-door, the girl you wish was next door.”

Likewise, the team itself is much more rock ‘n roll than a regular football team. “The uniforms hearken more to Marvel superheroes than athleticism,” says Stanley. “This is arena football, this is much more in-your-face. Fans have a real chance for a player to land in their laps. There are no sidelines, it’s a high-scoring game.”

“4th and Loud” premieres Tuesday, Aug. 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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