FRINGE_group_cloudscropped.jpgWe don’t know if “Fringe” will be renewed for a fifth season. (Our fingers are crossed!) It’s been on the bubble for a while, despite it’s rabid fan base. We’ve all dealt with shows that have been cancelled too soon and left us hanging. We’re hoping the producers have the good sense to answer a few questions that are burning holes in our brains. Here are our top 5 questions we’re hoping to have answered on Friday (Feb. 24).

1. Who is the alternate Nina (Blair Brown)?  

At the end of the last episode, it was revealed that there was an alternate Nina. Is she a shape shifter or is she from the alternate universe? The Nina who is running Massive Dynamics isn’t the Nina who’s been kidnapped.  We think. We’re pretty sure she’s a shape shifter. Now, shape shifters normally kill their victims, and there are currently two Nina’s. So are they both shifters? Was Massive Dynamics infiltrated early on at high levels? Or is this Negative Image Nina Sharp?

2. What is David Robert Jones’ (Jared Harris) master plan?

David Robert Jones destroyed a town in his attempt to merge the universes. We want to know his master plan before the end of the series. Did he destroy the town on purpose? Is he trying to send a message in the manner of a terrorist? Was this some sort of test and who, if anyone is he working for?

3. Why has Olivia (Anna Torv) gotten the alternate timeline Olivia’s memories?

We don’t know if those memories are a result of the cortexiphan or if the timelines are merging or if Peter (Joshua Jackson) acts as a catalyst. We just can’t live with with the idea of being left hanging if the show doesn’t get a fifth season.

4. Who are the Observers?

We’ve seen them for quite some time, but there is still a ton we don’t know. Are they gods? Are they from another planet? Why do they observe these events? And most importantly, why did September break protocol and save Peter? Was it just that he simply became human for a moment or was there a greater plan? We have no idea how we’d get all this information into one episode. Let’s hope we have many more.

5. Who kidnapped Nina and Olivia and why?

Was it David Robert Jones? Was Walternate (John Noble) pulling a fast one? (We don’t think so, but who knows?) Is this part of the master plan surrounding Olivia? Does this have to do with her ultimate purpose? Does she have to work with Peter to operate the machine to heal the rift in the universe? Why have they been pumping her full of cortexiphan? Why did September tell her she has to die? And will they escape before the end of the hour? Whew!

Finally, these two please end up together? Please, oh please? We want to hear your theories and what questions you want answered.

Posted by:jbusch