72 hours tyrolean traverse new zealand emily interview tnt '72 Hours': Contestant Emily on the 'insane' Tyrolean traverse

When “72 Hours” went to New Zealand, the show wasn’t messing around. In addition to thick forests, mountains to climb and a little bit of horse-riding, the contestants had to navigate an obstacle called the Tyrolean traverse.

It was more than a little terrifying — even to watch.

In case you forgot, the Tyrolean traverse is a thick wire strung up between two mountain peaks. Someone crossing on it attaches to the wire and zips down to the middle. At that point, however, it’s all uphill to the other side. The “72 Hours” version had all of this going on hundreds of feet from the ground.

We talked to Emily Bush, one of the members of the Green Team, about her experience on the show. Not surprisingly, she had a lot to say about this particular obstacle. “The Tyrolean traverse was in-sane,” Emily insisted. “That was the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life! As I’m talking to you about it, I got the chills … We literally attached our carabineer on the bungee and jumped off this ledge! That was terrifying. It was a moment of sheer terror where I was like, ‘Okay, I might die. But I’m just going to do it. Jump off this ledge into the unknown …'”

You might think that the competitors knew what they were doing before jumping off of a cliff. They didn’t. “No one was prepared for that, even remotely,” Emily explained. “The funny thing is, we’d been taught how to use a carabineer. I was like, ‘Oh, awesome! Cool, a carabineer!’ And then, like really? That, compared to the Tyrolean traverse? They’re not the same! Not even close.”

Despite the challenges and the justifiable fear, every one of the nine contestants eventually made it across the Tyrolean traverse. For Emily, it was pretty much a case of necessity that got her through. “If you’re stuck in the middle of that, you can’t say ‘I’m done.’ You can’t give up,” she said. “That’s just not an option. So I gave it everything, my whole entire body and soul.”

Would you ever try something like the Tyrolean traverse? Even for $100,000?

Posted by:Laurel Brown