90210 cw blair redford evan ross '90210': Battle of the vaguely ethnic new dudes

After Episode 2, “90210” is definitely hanging in there with the pace it set in the Season 3 premiere. We applaud the rally back from Season 2’s shaky finale.
In the season so far, everyone’s relationships are off (except Adrianna and Navid, which is strange but inevitably will happen soon). Naomi has money again, but money doesn’t buy the pain of Mr. Cannon’s sexual assault away – no matter how much she hoped it would. And Mr. Cannon is showing that he’s still creepin’ on as he preys on Silver and lies about Naomi. At this point, though, we’d like to get your thoughts on the two vaguely ethnic new dudes this season. 
In the premiere, we met Ivy’s houseguest, Oscar (played by Blair Redford), and in this episode he shows that he’s not just some lothario that wants to bed moms and daughters, but he’s a scheming lothario who will break up a relationship to bed moms and daughters.
We have also just met Charlie (Evan Ross), who’s Liam’s half-brother. We don’t know much more than that, except Liam wants nothing to do with him. Yet, Annie may end up wanting quite the opposite.
As we’re waiting for the new guys to show their cards more, we thought we’d let you weigh in on them. Too soon? Never too soon to place judgment. Hello, it’s “90210”!
Which one strikes your fancy? Which one really creeps you out? If you were to pick one to become a regular on the show, whom would you pick?

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