90210 cw naomi holiday 320 '90210' midseason finale: Naomi, creepy Brit alert!

“90210,” you did it again. We loved Adrianna’s men-deer, but we felt a bit bad for the little people playing the elves. We loved that Teddy has given into his crush on Ian, but we hate that Ivy got so much screen time. We hate Ivy, but we love that we were right about her deadbeat dad. We hate that there won’t be any new episodes until Jan. 24, 2011, but we love to hate “90210” for the uh-mazing cliffhangers.
Teddy and Ian: We tend to agree with Ian (played by Kyle Riabko) that dating someone in the closet could be interpreted as a step back for someone who has been proudly out for several years, but it’s Teddy (Trevor Donovan)! And to invoke Naomi’s catchphrase in this episode: “But, he’s so hot.” So, of course, we have to approve of Ian’s decision to throw caution to the wind and get some Teddy kisses in the stairwell. What’s going to kill us is90210 cw teddy dixon silver holiday ep main '90210' midseason finale: Naomi, creepy Brit alert! wondering how Dixon (Tristan Wilds) will react to peeping their make out session. Will he be cool about it or turn homophobe on us? With Dixon, one never knows.

Liam and Annie: Yes, we do approve of Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Liam (Matt Lanter) hooking up. After all, we can’t take that Charlie (Evan Ross) kid and his artsy-fartsy theatre school with his breathy, concerned tone of voice. He freaks us out! Now that Liam has professed his love and the two have done the nasty, we can’t wait to see how Annie breaks it off with Charlie. Will he show his ugly side in response?
Ade and Victor: Ah, the pesky Internet media. We’re the new place to go when you need something reported quickly. Ade (Jessica Lowndes) was out of control. We knew she had crossed the line when we began to feel bad for scheming, lying Victor (Nestor Serrano). So, when he leaked to the media that she stole Javier’s songbook… Sorry, Ade, the gig is up. Now, where’s your man?

Navid and Silver: There Navid (Michael Steger) is making out with Silver (Jessica Stroup, who really needs a haircut intervention). We’re still not sold on the Navid-Silver match-up, but it’s looking hot and heavy and things aren’t looking too good for Ade. Will Ade’s career downfall finally give her a clue?
Naomi and the creepy British dudes: Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) got over the “but, he’s so hot” argument and decided to choose “hos over bros” when she opted to stick by Ivy’s (Gillian Zinser) side and not go on a date with Oscar (Blair Redford). But, oh my, the camera keeps pulling away from Naomi as she lets Oscar down nicely on the phone. Um, yes, the camera reveals Mr. Cannon (Hal Ozsan) is standing in her hallway. Creepers! What will he do to her? Naomi, don’t hang up.

Which cliffhanger is killing you the most?
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