90210 cw jessica lowndes joe jonas zcap 320 '90210': Mommy dearest90210 cw jessica lowndes joe jonas zcap 320 '90210': Mommy dearestPeople’s choices are the undercurrent driving this week’s episode along, so let’s start from the bottom up, shall we? Jen thinks she can curry favor with the other mothers by dressing her baby in leather pants (and no diaper, mind you) and groaning about the horror of motherhood. No dice. When that doesn’t work, she nearly abducts one of the other children because she couldn’t be bothered to look inside her stroller and make sure she had the right child. To her credit, Jen quickly catches on to the fact that she is a God-awful mother and feels pretty terrible about it — especially after she drops little Jacques on his head. Oopsy babies! Long story, she decides to call it a do-over and flies the coop, leaving a note that Jacques will be better off without her. Good thinking, Jen. Being abandoned by his mother won’t screw up that kid at all!

Also in the business of bad choices (literally) is Navid’s father. When Navid confronts him about underage girls performing in his pornos, Mr. Shirazi plays it off as if he didn’t know better. He promptly fires the girl in question, who comes griping back to Navid and informs that she wasn’t the only pretty young thing at the Shirazi Shop. So Navid does the natural thing and enlists Silver to throw on a hooker dress and try her luck getting cast in a skin flick. Thankfully, before she actually hits the couch, she meets a lovely lass named Holly Woodlove, who confirms Navid’s suspicions. In his emotional turmoil, Navid blurts to his guidance counselor that his father is a child pornographer and nearly kisses Silver.

Navid’s move toward Silver is also a direct result of AAdrianna’s decision to ditch him and walk the red carpet with Joe Jonas at the launch party for her magazine cover. She does so because Victor insists that she needs someone higher-profile to boost her image. The middle Jonas shows up and gives AAdrianna an even greater boost — in self-confidence. She realizes that she’s Victor’s meal ticket and that he’ll never expose her because of his own greed and cowardice. She turns the tables and cuts the sleazeball’s commission down to five percent.

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